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Find all the great driftwood decor ideas and driftwood craft ideas for your home! The use of driftwood as a material for interior decor is becoming prevalent, especially now that we are experiencing renewable energy sources’ benefits. It is also becoming trendy to use native plants as decorations. In this case, the plants have been grown in such abundance in the US that the driftwood is just too valuable to be thrown away. Driftwood can be used for everything from flooring to interior furnishings, as well as many other applications. It is often smoked for a unique look, although you can buy smoked driftwood if you do not want to use it as interior decoration. There are many ideas that you can use to decorate with the pieces you have gathered.

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Driftwood Decor

One of the most popular driftwood decors that people use in their homes is driftwood table lamps. These beautifully crafted lamps are made by hand and are truly works of art. You can find all sorts of different shapes and sizes, making them appropriate to be placed in many different areas. Some of the styles include modern and primitive, depending on your personal preference. There are also many different sizes of driftwood lamps, so it will be easy to find one to fit your space.

If you would like to use driftwood as a table or other driftwood furniture piece, there are some ideas for you. For instance, driftwood furniture often comes in the form of end tables. You can use these pieces to create conversation or displaying various objects. Since the end tables’ bases are quite large, you might want to consider using driftwood as a top. A small base can be covered in glass beads or seashells, and it will look great in the corner or on an end table.

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Other driftwood decor ideas include hanging nets from the ceiling of a room, using driftwood in the construction of a desk, and creating a natural bench with driftwood and pebbles. You can also use a glue gun to affix various driftwood pieces to other pieces of wood or the wall. Glue guns come in different sizes, so you can choose one that will not interfere with the driftwood pieces that you intend to attach to it.

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Some examples of items you could use to construct a wall or mantel with driftwood pieces would be picture frames, a saltbox, a birdhouse, and even a volleyball. Using a glue gun to attach these items to the wall will be very easy. You will need to have some wood to work with and some filler. If you are interested in creating a mantel, you will obtain enough driftwood pieces to build one very easily. If you are interested in building a volleyball, you can find enough pieces at your local hardware store to make one, and if you use sand instead of dirt, you will be able to sustain it through many rainstorms.

Once you have gathered all of the necessary driftwood pieces, you will want to transport them to your location. The best way to transport these items is on a large wooden board, preferably 8 feet wide. It can also be wrapped in burlap and placed on top of a truck or an old skid-steer. The benefit of setting up shop and procuring the pieces yourself is that you will be able to create a unique and personally owned piece of driftwood furniture all on your own.

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