Retro Decor Ideas & Decorating Tips for Retro Style

Retro Decor with reproductions, hand-me-downs, or a few scores from a local flea market will give any room some retro style. If you have been thinking about remodeling your home for a more retro look, there are many sources for the right products. Many of the best retro decorating ideas are vintage, so you may want to focus on those pieces first. Vintage reproductions are made with a hint of contemporary style to make retro style home decor items even more appealing. Check out these top ten retro decorating ideas!

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Retro Decor

The kitchen is one of the rooms in most homes where people enjoy spending time together. With retro room decor, you can take this classic area and make it bright and cheerful with a few well-chosen accessories. Retro kitchen ideas include colorful rugs, tile backsplash, and bold color choices. Try to find inspiration from other retro kitchens your friends may have, or go as big as your budget allows. You can find many wonderful ideas for retro kitchen decorating through books, magazines, or searching online.

Home accents are key when creating a retro design for any room but particularly important for a dining room or living room. In the dining room, you can add beautiful wood paneling to the walls or use beautiful metal accent wall items. In either room, you can bring in the colors and styles of the past and use them to add warmth and a sophisticated atmosphere to your home.

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To complete your retro style decorating theme, choose the right furniture to complement the style. Try choosing old fashioned chairs with wood trim and floral accents. Or choose checkered tables with an old-world feel and add some accent pillows in coordinating colors. You can also find great retro chairs with arms on which to dine.

Retro Decorating Colors and Patterns

When choosing your appliances, consider using rich reds and rich golden hues for your kitchen. Or, choose a vintage white appliance to create a country feel in your dining area. Or, go with an old black and white coffee maker to create a Tuscan look in your kitchen. Or, install an old refrigerator that has a glass door with vintage faucets. This will be a truly unique addition to your home.

For a fun and interesting room, try incorporating pinball machines, old movies, mustard-yellow walls, and pinball tables in bright and cheerful colors. Or, use deep purples and burgundy shades to create a retro feel in a country-style room. There are endless possibilities for how to create a truly unique retro feel in any room of your home.

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Retro Decor Ideas & Decorating Tips for Retro Style Home Decor
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